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EPISODE 07: Guest Rhiannon Frater

Welcome to Episode 07!

EPISODE 07: Guest Rhiannon Frater.

This week is an awesome episode. I was lucky enough to have Rhiannon Frater to join me and discuss her books.

There is also a top 5 list of must watch horror movies for Halloween.

Many thanks to Desmond Reddick for his awesome advice (which there has been a lot of!) and for giving Darkness Dwells a shout out on his show, Dread Media. If you don’t know Dread Media you need to check it out. Des has been podcasting for years and is very strict at releasing one episode per week. I don’t think he’s ever missed a week. Ever. Which is pretty amazing. Anyway, Des is an awesome guy. Check out Dread Media. It’s a great show that discusses a lot of horror movies and some fiction. There are often a lot of laughs. 

Please support all artists that appear on Darkness Dwells


This is Halloween (cover by marilyn Manson)

I Love the Night (by Blue Oyster Cult)

Deadlight (by Draconian)

Find Rhiannon Frater online: http://rhiannonfrater.com


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