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EPISODE 20: The Hound by H.P. Lovecraft

Click below to listen:

EPISODE 20: The Hound by H.P. Lovecraft.

Poe & Phillips by Jaime Collado

Poe & Phillips created and written by Jaime Collado

Welcome to the 20th episode of Darkness Dwells. I will be your host tonight on this special edition. Special because we made it to number 20, and to celebrate, I thought it would be cool to read an old favorite of mine to you: The Hound by H.P. Lovecraft!

-Secrecies in Darkness by The Vision Bleak
-In the Presence of Evil by Pilgrim

Dark Ambience during story time:
-Night in the Forest by Cormi: https://www.freesound.org/people/cormi/sounds/110387/

Thank you for listening!

Contact the show:
-Twitter: @darkdweller74
-Email: darknessdwells74@gmail.com
-Voice mail: 206-600-4257


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