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EPISODE 13: A Conversation with Timothy Johnson

Cover for Carrier by Timothy JohnsonClick to listen: EPISODE 13: A Conversation with Timothy Johnson.

Welcome to Darkness Dwells, Episode 13!

This week we have guest author Timothy Johnson where we discuss his debut novel, Carrier, which you could classify as sci-fi horror.

As such, there’s a theme this week to one of my favorite subgenres, sci-fi horror. This is the first, but you can bet that this probably won’t be the last.

So, along with my conversation with Tim, I have a top 5 list of favorite sci-fi horror, which is a mixed bag of both movies and books.

I also take a look at the 1981 Roger Corman produced film, Galaxy of Terror.

And we have some cool sci-fi horror themed music.

All music can be purchased at Amazon.com and/or iTunes.


Chaosmongers by Voivod and Satellite 15 by Iron Maiden

You can reach Timothy Johnson online by visiting his website: http://timothyjohnsonfiction.com

Thanks for listening! You can reach the show online at:

 Twitter: @darkdweller74

 Facebook: Reach me or Darkness Dwells group

 Email: darknessdwells74@gmail.com

 Voice mail: 206-600-4257

Picture of author Timothy Johnson


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