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EPISODE 08: Halloween Literary Top 5 and The Cabin in the Woods

Welcome to episode 8!

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We have a shorter episode this week as there’s no guest. No guest because of the Permuted Press debacle as well as scheduling issues.

Speaking of the Permuted Press debacle, I explain my reasons for staying with the Press and hopefully help clear the air of BS. If you’re interested, I highly recommend Jake Bible’s blog post about this topic:

Jake Bibles blog Post

This week we also have the top five literary stories, whether they are short stories or novels, to read for Halloween.

There’s also my thoughts on the movie The Cabin in the Woods. Some people love this movie to death, and I don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s cool, but I don’t know why there’s so much adoration for this one.

Songs are inspired by the 10 Metal Songs for Your Halloween Playlist by metalinjection.net. They are:

Halloween by King Diamond

Ritual by Ghost

Spider Baby by Fantomas

Please support all artists mentioned in this episode! And thanks again for listening.


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