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EPISODE 10: Biting the Bit – Top Ten 1990s Horror Movies

Welcome to episode ten of Darkness Dwells!

Click here to listen!

This week, I take a look at back at the movies I watched this past week for Halloween (I crave older horror movies during this time of year.). This year I watched old Hammer movies, more specifically, a good portion of their Dracula movies along with The Curse of Frankenstein.

I also take a look at Alan Ryker’s novel Dreams of the Serpent.

There’s also a top ten of 90s Horror films that will be the bread to the serpent sandwich.

All songs can be found on iTunes or Amazon.com.

They are:

We, The Undead by Electric Wizard

Fire in the Sky by Ozzy Osbourne

Who Do You Go Home To? by Explosions in the Sky

Tortured Soul Asylum by Cradle of Filth

Contact the show:


Email: darknessdwells74@gmail.com

Voice mail: 206-600-4257


Thanks for listening!


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