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Tourist Trap (1979)

Poster art for Tourist TrapHow does one go about describing a movie like Tourist Trap, never mind reviewing it? This movie is like another example of David Lynch chewing on some peyote and then waxing poetic about slasher films (see what I did there, with waxing?). Now, I’ve seen my fair share of fucked up movies, I do love horror movies after all, the stranger the better, but 1979’s Tourist Trap takes the cake.

Or, at least, it comes comes close.

Tourist Trap is directed by David Schmoeller. You might recognize the name from movies such as PuppetmasterNetherworld, and Crawlspace. While those movies have their place in horror cinema history, again, Tourist Trap takes the cake.

The plot is pretty simple. Five friends are out to have some fun. Their destination isn’t really given to us, I don’t think, but they end up stranded when one of their vehicles, they are driving two, gets a flat tire. When the one who goes to find a gas station to fill the empty spare fails to return, the rest go looking for him. They end up at Slausen’s Lost Oasis Western Museum, which is pretty much a wax museum.

And let me tell you. This was museum is pretty freaking creepy.

When our heroes are not around Mr. Slausen and we are instead with a victim of the museum, there’s some serious creepy shit happening around the place. The mannequins, which are everywhere, talk with the voices of who they are supposed to represent (typically past victims, if not present ones) and inanimate objects move around on their own whenever our villain is near.

Creepy Mannequin from Tourist Trap

This one is strange, folks, and in all the right ways. The acting, especially that of Chuck Connors, is really well done as is the rest of the cast. And the beautiful thing: the action starts quickly, and the more you watch this one, the weirder it gets. My only complaint is one of perversion.

There’s not much else to say about this one other than my advice to watch it. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Tourist Trap, but the fact is, I did. I loved it. And I think you will, too.

This one gets 4.5 dweller heads rounded up to 5 full ones. One half point is lost because for the entire movie we’re teased with some really nice cleavage but are never given the goods. I know. Poor me.



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