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EPISODE 34: Biting the Bit Vol. 08 – On Horror Literature

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EPISODE 34: Biting the Bit Vol. 08 – On Horror Literature.

Read more scary books!This week Michael and Jason chat about the horror and dark fiction books they’ve been reading along with the books they want to read. They do so in a from the hip sort of style. It was lots of fun, and you’re invited to listen in.

**NOTE: The book by Greg F. Gifune I was trying to remember during this episode is titled THE RAIN DANCERS. Not sure why I keep forgetting that title.**

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Emotions by Clinic
Climbing Up the Walls by Radiohead
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EPISODE 30: Tusk (2014)

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Welcome to episode 30! This week Jason and Michael sit down to discuss the Kevin Smith movie Tusk.

Music that makes an appearance:
Torquemada 71 by Electric Wizard. It appears on their album Wictchcult Today. Both the song and album are available on iTunes and Amazon and any decent record store.

Justin Long in TUSK

EPISODE 29: Guest Greg F. Gifune

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Photo of Greg F. Gifune

Greg F. Gifune

Welcome to Episode 29! This week the great Greg F. Gifune joins your host to discuss books, DarkFuse, writing, developing believable characters, how to create atmosphere in your stories, and his new book, Orphans of Wonderland.

EPISODE 27: Carrie 2013

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EPISODE 27: Carrie 2013.

Capture from Carrie 2013 remake

This week your host, Jason White, and co-host, Michael Schutz-Ryan, discuss the 2013 remake of the Stephen King classic, Carrie. Michael didn’t like the film while Jason did. Tune in to find out why.

Also, there is the horror news which involves some Penny Dreadful and horror literature releases.

Darkness Dwells Welcomes Michael Schutz-Ryan

A picture of Michael Schutz-RyanAnyone listening to the Darkness Dwells podcast should know by now that I’ve taken on a co-host. His name is Michael Schutz-Ryan, and he is the writer of the novel Blood Vengeance. I chose Michael because of a few different conversations we had about horror movies, especially the day he messaged me over Facebook to see if I had seen the movie Tusk or not. I have seen it, so we discussed what we both felt were strengths and weaknesses of the movie, which somehow led to our discussing a mutual love for Rob Zombie films.

As he’s been on the show before, I knew we could talk without any real barriers. In short, we get along just smashing!

My plans for the blog, however, do not end with Michael, though. I want to grow the Darkness Dwells blog into a small network of writers where we review horror movies and books and, more importantly, become a massive news source for horror literature, including reviews, release dates on novels, interviews, and whatever else our imaginations can conjure. This will create a need for a website makeover sometime in the future, but hey, this blog is now a year old. It took me this long to find Michael, so let’s take it one step at a time. Baby steps, my friends. Baby steps.

As for the podcast, I think Michael and I will do just fine as we discuss the macabre on the big screen of moving pictures.

What it comes down to is that I’ve had big plans for the blog, which includes the podcast, from day one. I want to share my love of horror literature and movies with the world. I also would like to create a place online where people can go to get the latest on horror literature news.

This will probably take some time, so if you’re getting excited I suggest you have a beverage and take a deep breath. Patience will be of virtue here.

So, please welcome Michael aboard as the first team member of Darkness Dwells. He’s an awesome writer and a great dude to talk with. And thanks,
Michael, for your enthusiasm and input. It will be fun, I’m sure.

Cover for Blood Vengeance

Blood Vengeance by Michael Schutz-Ryan

EPISODE 25: Biting the Bit Vol. 07 – The Lords of Salem

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EPISODE 25: Biting the Bit Vol. 07 – The Lords of Salem.

Heidi in room 5Welcome to Episode 25! This week I take on a co-host and welcome Michael Schutz-Ryan, DD episode 21 past guest, into the role. This week we talk about Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem.

Join us for this discussion and also the news and some great tunes.

Music is available on iTunes and Amazon and any good record store.

The Lords of Salem by Rob Zombie
Satan’s Child by Danzig

State of the Blog and Podcast

There’s some exciting new things coming in the future for both the blog and podcast. First, and perhaps most important, is that I’ve found a co-host to talk horror movies with on the Darkness Dwells Podcast. There will be an announcement about that soon.

Also, I plan on getting my butt back into action and writing more for the blog. I’ve been really sick with the flu (that goddamn bug that lasts weeks rather than days) and that has seriously slowed me down. I plan on fixing this as I’ve watched a lot of cool horror movies and have read some really awesome literature in the meantime.

I’m also working as fast as I can, though I could probably go faster, on the second book of my Surviving the Fittest trilogy I’m writing for Permuted press. The deadline is getting closer and closer. Scary close, actually. However, I’m really excited where this book is going. The story seems to be getting only darker and darker.

No hope, my friends.

But there is hope. This godawful winter seems to be getting colder and colder with no end in sight. But March and spring are right around the corner. Here’s to hoping for some warm weather soon, and a hell of a lot less snow.

So, foot on ass. A strong kick. Let’s pick ourselves up from slumber. Let’s get organized and let’s get going.

EPISODE 16: Biting the Bit Vol. 04 – Dissecting The Babadook

Picture of The BabadookEPISODE 16: Biting the Bit Vol. 04 – Dissecting The Babadook.

Welcome to episode 16! This week your host Jason White explores insanity in horror fiction, both in movies and literature. What sparked off this topic was my viewing the movie The Babadook recently. The movie blew me away. One thing I loved about the movie is that it keeps you guessing as to whether or not what you’re watching is real or if the story’s protagonist is going insane. There’s evidence towards both sides, but I think that the movie is about insanity, and I explore why later in the episode. So, Warning, there will be spoilers.

I also discuss the interesting haunted house story archetype that often plays with this insanity/supernatural idea.

There’s a top 5 list of Is It Insane? Horror Stories.

And some cool tunes.

So, let’s get it on, shall we?

All songs available to buy from Amazon and iTunes:

-This House is Haunted by Alice Cooper

Waiting for the Darkness by Attika 7

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EPISODE 13: A Conversation with Timothy Johnson

Cover for Carrier by Timothy JohnsonClick to listen: EPISODE 13: A Conversation with Timothy Johnson.

Welcome to Darkness Dwells, Episode 13!

This week we have guest author Timothy Johnson where we discuss his debut novel, Carrier, which you could classify as sci-fi horror.

As such, there’s a theme this week to one of my favorite subgenres, sci-fi horror. This is the first, but you can bet that this probably won’t be the last.

So, along with my conversation with Tim, I have a top 5 list of favorite sci-fi horror, which is a mixed bag of both movies and books.

I also take a look at the 1981 Roger Corman produced film, Galaxy of Terror.

And we have some cool sci-fi horror themed music.

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Chaosmongers by Voivod and Satellite 15 by Iron Maiden

You can reach Timothy Johnson online by visiting his website: http://timothyjohnsonfiction.com

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Picture of author Timothy Johnson

EPISODE 12: Biting the Bit Vol. 03 – Mutator by Gary Fry and Top 10 Found Footage Films

EPISODE 12: Biting the Bit Vol. 03 – Mutator by Gary Fry and Top 10 Found Footage Films.

Welcome to episode 12!

This week, I want to talk about my top ten 90s horror movie list and the surprising reaction it received on MoviePilot.com.

And in that spirit, I have for you this week my top 10 found footage films.

I also discuss Mutator, the DarkFuse novella by Gary Fry

There’s also have some cool tunes for your listening pleasure.

And Darkness Dwells first contest. You can win an Amazon.com gift card. Stay tuned until the end of the episode to see how you can win it.

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