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EPISODE 11: Biting the Bit Vol. 02 – Nightbreed the Director’s cut

Awesome art depicting The OutsiderWelcome to episode 11 of Darkness Dwells!

Click to listen: EPISODE 11: Biting the Bit Vol. 02 – Nightbreed the Director’s cut.

This week we have a themed episode that surrounds the release of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed, the director’s cut. I take a look at the movie and discuss.

There’s also a top five list of favorite movies with outsider protagonists.

I also take a look at H. P. Lovecraft’s story, The Outsider.

Also, there is some great tunes AND

There’s a contest! All you have to do is review the Darkness Dwells Podcast on iTunes and then take a screen shot of your review and email it to the show. The winner will receive a $25 dollar gift card from Amazon.com in their email. Due date is Dec 8th with winner being announced and rewarded on Dec 15th.

All music available via Amazon.com and iTunes:

Outsider by The Restarts

Almost Human by Kiss

Scary  Monsters (and Super Creeps) by David Bowie