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EPISODE 15 – A Conversation with Kindra Sowder

Welcome to Episode 15!

Click to listen: EPISODE 15 – A Conversation with Kindra Sowder.

A Picture of Kindra Sowder

Kindra Sowder

This week we have another guest. The beautiful Kindra Sowder Joins your host, Jason White, as they discuss her decision to leave Permuted Press and how it gave birth to the new small publishing house, Burning Willow Press.

There’s a top 5 indie books.

We also have some cool tunes.

All Songs available to buy on Amazon or iTunes:

-Hope of Morning by Icon for Hire

-Willow’s Song by Faith & the Muse

You can find Kindra Sowder online:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kindra.kinnamanreeves

Twitter: @KindraKinnaman

Blog: http://kindrasowder-insidemymind.blogspot.ca

Burning Willow Press Kickstarter Campaign:


Burning Willow Press Website (still under construction):


Follow the Ashes book trailer:


You can reach the show online @:


Facebook: Reach me or Darkness Dwells group

Email: darknessdwells74@gmail.com

Voice mail: 206-600-4257


Cover for Follow the Ashes by Kindra Sowder


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