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EPISODE 03: Guest Stephen Kozeniewski

Click the link below to listen:

EPISODE 03: Guest Stephen Kozeniewski, Favourite Podcast, and Some Cool Tunes.

Welcome back, Dwellers!
This week’s guest is ‎Stephen Kozeniewski – Author of The Ghoul Archipelago: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller and Brain Eater Jones.

I’ve been listening for around four years – in that time have listened to quite a few shows.

Biggest Influences are:
1. Horror Etc – King’s Town Ted, Anthony D. P. Mann, and Sometimes Doug.
2. Dread Media – Desmond Reddick.
3. Armcast Podcast – Armand Rosamilia – This is the one that convinced me.
4. Dreadful Thoughts – fan podcast on the great Penny Dreadful Showtime television show – Another one that made me think I can do it.
5. Apocalypse Nana – Jackie Druga has been a ton of help and I thank her!

-Talk Show Host by Radiohead
-A History of Bad Men by The Melvins

Please support your favorite artists. If you like the music you heard, you can buy Radiohead and The Melvins on iTunes, Amazon, and probably your local record store.

You can find Stephen Kozeniewski on Amazon.com:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KingOfBattle?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/outfortune


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