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Outpost 11

outpost11A word to the wise. Outpost 11 is not Outpost part II: Black Sun.

Both movies were released in 2012 but they are not the same! Sometime this week you can expect an overview of all three Nazi Zombie Outpost movies.

Unfortunately, this was a setback for me. And it was my fault. No biggie, just disappointing. I was stuck watching a German soldier stationed in the Arctic Circle, a Sergeant I believe, snort something from a vial and then masturbate  throughout most of the movie.

Of course, there was much more to this movie. There is something strange and weird going on here that the viewer, especially one looking for Nazi zombies, might miss. I think that this film was probably funny and tragic in its scope. But I missed out on that figuring out that this movie doesn’t belong in the Outpost cannon that I was looking for. But the movie has it’s good parts, such as the odd, “what the fuck?” moments with the incessant masturbation, which is pretty funny! Outpost 11 isn’t a terrible movie. It’s a movie about lost hopes and going completely insane and taking everyone down with you.

The movie was written and directed by Anthony Woodley and stars Billy Clarke (the masturbator), Luke Healy, and Joshua Mayes-Cooper. All of them do a great job in bringing this story to life. And, not to keep bringing up the masturbation, but I have no idea how Billy Clarke kept such a straight face while fondling himself.

It’s a character study, really.  A strange story to be sure. And I’m not sure that I can recommend this one. I think that it might take an acquired taste. A lot of questions do not get answered, and there is something strange, something supernatural that happens by the movie’s end. But what is it?

I will tell you one thing. This movie deserves a second viewing with my knowing exactly what it is and enjoying it for that without expecting zombies to storm the screen.

They should have called this movie something else. Outpost 12, Outpost 9. Outpost 11 (eleven) looks too much like Outpost II. Somehow I missed the Black Sun part of the latter’s title, but that happens. You know, I’m only human and all that.


Stalingrad (1993) Tank Scene

I love war movies. I do, however, have standards if I’m to take a war movie seriously. Nothing ruins a “serious” war movie to me than grenades and mortar fire that detonates with balls and walls of fire. That sort of thing really pisses me off when I sit down to watch a “serious” war movie – Nicolas Case, I’m looking at you and Windtalkers!

There are many other great examples of bad war movies, or war movies that piss me off, but it’s probably not a good thing to get action hero movies mixed up with the more serious, statement driven war movie. In one of the Rambo movies, for example, Sylvester Stallone has mortar shells that detonate right beside him. In real life this would rip his flesh from his bones. But in Rambo … well … Rambo cannot be killed, period. That’s the action movie hero, and so there you go. (more…)