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Godzilla 2014


Godzilla stubs his toe


Directed by: Gareth Edwards.

Staring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and the Almighty Bryan Cranston.

Jen, my wife, and I went and saw the new Godzilla movie earlier tonight. It   was a lot of fun, but I couldn’t help but feel a little ripped off. Here’s the reason why: every time there was to be a big battle scene, we are unwillingly moved on to whatever it was our protagonists were doing, which typically took place somewhere where the battle wasn’t happening!

I mean, this is the goddamn reason I wanted to see this movie!

Fuck the protagonists! I want to see giant monsters fight and destroy a city in the process. Call it living through something extraordinary and impossible vicariously. Call it whatever you want. But this happened every time there was a big battle scene, until the end of course. And that big battle scene happens at night, where you can barely see anything!

What it comes down to is money. I’m certain that things were probably cut from the original screenplay due to lack of studio funding. To create these scenes would have cost tons of money and made a computer graphics firm very rich.

Anyway, there are good things here, too. The scene where the military parachutes with red flares tied to their feet is pretty badass. You’ve seen that scene from the trailers, I’m sure. Also, Bryan Cranston is in it. Bad ass meth dealer turned scientist. I guess taking on the role of a scientist isn’t new for Bryan, but he stole the show whenever he was in it. He and Elizabeth Olsen (Is she related to the Olsen twins?) both laid out some great acting here. Too bad Aaron Taylor-Johnson couldn’t keep up with them with his flat, dead-eyed stare and phoned in acting.

To sum it up: the graphics are really great, despite the cuts. The story isn’t bad. It is enough to keep the viewer engaged, I think.

Would I recommend it?

Sure, why not? It is what it is. What it’s supposed to be. Fun. I just wish it was even more fun.


Godzilla hates school buses!

Godzilla's massive body, swimming

Godzilla going for a morning swim


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