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Breanna Bright Guest Blog

Welcome Dwellers! Today Breanna Bright, author of In the End, was kind enough to join us here at Darkness Dwells. Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love the cover art  to this book. I have a weakness for haunted-looking houses looking all ominous in the silver moonlight.

So, let my over-zealous fingers rest so that Breanna can take over, shall we. Oh yes, I think we shall!

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Breanna Bright

Cover art for In the EndIn The End came from a desire to write a ghost story for Halloween. In August, when I first started, the presence of decorations in local stores was enough to stir my love of the holiday. I didn’t have a plot in mind, I just wanted a ghost story, so I had two characters – Thursday and Alice – buy an old Victorian house (because, honestly, it’s not a proper haunted house unless it’s Victorian).

As September rolled in so did the rest of the story. I made it up as I went, creating strange ghostly happenings in the house to haunt Alice. The idea to bring in Ward McDaven sprung from a ghost hunting panel I attended at Liberty Con in Tennessee (It’s much less patriotic than it sounds). The ghost hunter who ran that panel was also white of hair, yet young. I am disappointed that I cannot remember his name now, but he had several interesting stories, including the dangers of Ouija Boards. Another involved an amateur sleuth tagging along on one of his hunts, and getting scared by flying bed sheets. I think the point of that story was that there wasn’t anyone under them.

Many of Ward’s techniques for ghost hunting were pulled from articles and random searches through the internet – Something we authors like to call, ‘advanced research’. To my surprise, watching reruns of Scooby-Doo didn’t really serve as adequate ghost research, so I took to the World Wide Web, where pages of disturbingly serious ghost articles written by middle-aged Wiccans told me everything I needed to know about Shadow People and the Otherworld. I tried looking through less crazy websites but Reddit didn’t prove to be much more factual either. In the end I threw together the needed information as I saw fit. Having never had a paranormal experience myself I basically just pasted the bits and pieces of stories and articles that worked with the story.

The same goes for Devon Masters, his abilities as a medium were fiction-ized for the purposes of the novel, and not based on any specific experience, including any certain television shows you might be thinking of.

When October came, it was time to write the Halloween Party. I would be lying if I said Alice wasn’t a huge reflection of myself, or at least, various aspects of my personality; a quality I think all authors are guilty of. I definitely lived vicariously through her to throw the Halloween Party of a life time.

Or a death time- no, no, that doesn’t work.

To die for.

Nailed it.

Picture of Breanna Bright

Breanna Bright


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