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Chris Tucker’s One Shot One Kill Teaser

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Chris Tucker and a teaser for for his book ONE SHOT ONE KILL comes to Darkness Dwells for the Summer of Zombie Summer Tour 2014.  For today, I believe that it is also a freebie from Amazon.com. If you like what you read here, then please go on and get this great book. Why not? It’s free, and Volume 2 came out just this past April.

So, without further ado, I present to you the teaser for ONE SHOT ONE KILL:


 by Chris Tucker



Author Chris TuckerKatie Cushman was walking down the 16th street mall, taking in the sights and sounds of the annual zombie crawl in downtown Denver. It was a cool evening with a slight breeze and she regretted not taking her sweatshirt from the car when they parked. Walking beside her and holding her hand was her boyfriend, Payden. This was the second time they had attended the event together and the crowd seemed even larger than the previous year.

Young and old alike donned their best blood spattered makeup and tattered clothing to assimilate the zombie atmosphere as little children scurried in fear at some of the event’s participants. An elderly couple enjoying a walk on this night gazed at the spectacle, but was lost in their own conversation. They walked by Katie and Payden.

“Do you think that’ll be us in fifty years, babe?” asked Katie.

Payden turned around to get another look at the couple and responded after a few seconds.

“If there was anyone I’d want to be with in fifty years, it’d be you, hon.”

Katie couldn’t help but show her joy at the sound of the comment. She was in love and couldn’t think of anyone else that she would want to be with either. She glanced around and watched as the staged zombie apocalypse played out. It was quite the exhibition of the undead taking over the city for the night, and it was in full swing at this early hour of the evening.

Katie and Payden made their way past various local stores that were littered with tourists and early holiday shoppers. They came upon a sandwich delicatessen, aptly named Deli Zone, which looked appealing and decided to stop for a quick bite to eat. Always the gentlemen, Payden opened the door for his girlfriend and followed her inside.

After ordering they sat at the bar-style seating at the front window so they could still enjoy the crawl taking place just outside. Payden took a bite of his cheesesteak sub and nearly half of it fell out of the bottom. Katie let out a loud laugh at the sight and was unable to restrain herself from comment.

“You want me to go grab you a spoon or fork?”

Payden just smiled and tried to scoop the contents back onto the bread. “Yea, and while you’re over there why don’t you grab a few napkins for the mustard patch on your cheek.”

“Aw, don’t be grumpy. Next time you’ll know to ask for a bowl.”

Katie could hardly contain her laughter as she watched Payden struggle to remake the discombobulated sandwich. After a few minutes of trying to reassemble it he’d finally had enough. He plopped the bread down on the parchment paper and threw his hands up in submission.

“So much for that idea,” he said.

Katie, feeling bad for her beau, offered half of her pastrami sandwich, but to no avail. Payden appreciated the gesture but declined.

“It’s all good, babe. I’ll just wait ‘til we get home.”

As Katie ate her sandwich, the two of them sat silently for a few minutes while they gazed out the window and watched the crowds continue to flock by.

What appeared to be a homeless man coming from the bus terminal across the street caught Katie’s eye. At first glance he could have been a participant in the zombie crawl, but after a few seconds it became obvious that the terminal was more than likely a sleeping space and not just a stop on the journey down the 16th street mall.

The man seemed to be stumbling, almost in a drunken stupor, and his clothes looked very unkempt and tattered. It was hard to judge by the lighting outside, but he looked like he hadn’t had a decent bath in quite some time. Katie felt compassion for the man on this chilly night and suggested to Payden that he go out and offer the downtrodden man what was left of the cheesesteak sandwich.

“You’re not going to eat it anyway. Let it go to good use.”

He agreed with her, but apparently had not responded fast enough. Katie grabbed the basket and folded over the parchment paper to cover the sandwich. She was headed towards the door before Payden could get a word out.

“Babe, I’ll do it. Give it to me.”

“It’s all good. I’ll just be a minute,” Katie retorted.

The crowd outside had thinned out on this particular part of the crawl. There were only a few make-believe zombies in front of the deli but Katie could see the next heavy wave of walkers making their way towards her.

She looked back across the street to where the homeless man was and proceeded to make her way over. Still walking awkwardly, the man made his way over to two young ladies, most likely to ask for spare change, Katie assumed. As he drew near, they walked blindly by him, almost as if he weren’t even there.

Katie felt bad, but it was an all too common sight. Nobody wanted to be bothered by a panhandler, especially when they were out just trying to enjoy the festivities. The man, seemingly undeterred, turned in the direction of the two girls and trailed behind them as Katie called out to him.

“Excuse me, sir.”

This got the attention of the man. He took his focus off the disregarding women and trained his eyes on the figure across the street calling out to him. Katie went over to approach him, but he appeared to be in a confused state and was almost oblivious to his surroundings. For one brief moment Katie had an uneasy feeling come over her, but still wanting to do the right thing, she continued towards his location.

“I have this sandwich here if you’re hungry,” she said.

No response.

“Dude, are you okay?”

There was no response this time either. The man just continued his slow walk towards the woman who was in front of him. As he sauntered into the light Katie was finally able to get a glimpse of the man’s face.

He looked sickly and his skin was so pale and blotchy that he looked like he would collapse at any moment. His eyes looked as if though they were made of glass, and were a solid light gray in color. Under his eyes it looked like a bunch of blood vessels had popped, causing severe discoloration. Katie became suddenly alarmed, taking a step back and turning to call for Payden.

She would never get the words out of her mouth. Before she could call out to her boyfriend the man was clasped onto the back of her long black hair. Seeing this, Payden was out the door of the deli in an instant to protect Katie.

As he reached the sidewalk he witnessed an atrocious sight. The homeless man clamped his jaw onto Katie’s bicep just above the elbow and bit down, tearing a chunk of flesh from her arm. The bellowing scream Katie let out echoed through the street, and before the sandwich she dropped hit the ground, Payden was on top of the man trying to pull him off her.

He struggled with the homeless man and was able to finally get him far enough away from Katie so that she could retreat to a safe distance. She collapsed from pain on the sidewalk in front of the deli where just minutes before she and Payden were enjoying a peaceful night out together.

She looked down at her arm and could see bone as blood continued to spurt out. The pain was unbearable and she felt like vomiting and passing out at the same time. In her own personal Hell at the moment, she was unaware of what was transpiring with Payden.

The scuffle between the two men continued in the street. A few people had taken notice and began to walk towards the melee. Payden pushed the attacker away but he kept coming. It was at this time that he realized something was not right. He scoffed at the idea in his head, but could swear that his foe was in an almost zombie-like trance, but he dismissed that idea for a more logical one; it was a tweaked-out drug addict.

He punched the assailant in the face. The look that Payden displayed was that of utter shock when the flesh he had just connected with peeled away on contact. Even the bystanders watching the ruckus shrieked in horror. No one knew quite what was happening in front of them and as if in a pre-planned choreography routine, everyone took a collective step back.

The cheek-less man was undeterred in his efforts to get to Payden. The seemingly comatose gentleman advanced one more time, but before he could reach his target a metal pipe unexpectedly protruded from the front of his left eye. Payden watched as his attacker fell to the ground, where once and for all he was lifeless and void of movement.

The shadow behind the fallen aggressor finally came into clear sight and Payden was able to see who had delivered the fatal blow. It was Katie. Still in shock she stood frozen, staring into Payden’s eyes. After a moment she was finally able to speak.

“What the fuck was that?”

Before Payden could muster a response, a swarm of screams resonated throughout the streets surrounding the 16th street mall as chaos ensued and people were suddenly being attacked all around them.

*   *   *   *   *

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