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Kindra Sowder Guest Blog

Kindra is another fellow Permuted Press author. I met her soon after I joined the Permuted Press Authors Facebook secret group — A pretty cool place where we have secret handshakes, puppies, and even virginal sacrifices on occasion. Oh how fun it is to hear them scream. The real children of the night…

Ah, I get a head of myself. Kindra Sowder is a firecracker! I can tell you from her posts over in that secret group that she takes writing really seriously. Her daily word count could kick my daily word count’s ass and then spit in its face. And judging by what she sent me for her guest spot here at Darkness Dwells, she’s got mad talent, too.

So, it’s beverage time! Grab your favourite and let Kindra and also the sneak peak into her novel, Follow the Ashes: Part 1 of the Executioner Trilogy, consume you. I think that you’ll be happy you did.

I’ll leave things to Kindra, my guest, now. I bid you a good evening. And happy reading!



Summer of Zombie 2014 Teaser from Kirk Allmond

This is an excerpt from Kirk Allmond’s What Zombies Fear: A Father’s Quest. Kirk is with the same publisher as I am, Permuted Press, but has been so for much longer than I have. My first book isn’t even out yet.

The What Zombies Fear series, however, is up to book five, and Kirk has released at least two other novels. So, I urge you to choose a favourite beverage, get comfortable, and check out the first chapter of the first book of the What Zombies Fear series. This appeared earlier today on the Darkness Goes ‘Round blog which is maintained by author Dr. Erik Gustafson. Enjoy!

The Darkness Goes 'Round

Enjoy this generous sample of Kirk Allmond’s book set in the What Zombies Fear ‘universe’!!
Chapter 1 Pinned Down
Victor took a minute to assess the situation. He and Max were pinned down in the back field behind Marshall’s farm. The party was destroyed, shambling zombies waded in packs between the overturned tables and chairs, stumbling and falling. Gunfire came from every direction; Marshall’s men were well trained and well outfitted.
“Fuck you, Charlie,” Victor thought to himself. The shamblers were just there to use up Marshall’s ammunition. Their job was to absorb bullets, so the forces of LEGION would be low on supplies before he sent in the lieutenants.
Charlie and Victor had spent countless nights talking about defensive strategies before the E’Clei took him. And now they knew how Victor thought.
Marshall was god knows where. Supers were dropping off groups of zombies every couple of seconds. The…

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Summer of Zombie Tour: Dying Days 4

Armand Rosamilia is releasing a new book this week, called DYING DAYS. Armand is guest today at John Whalen’s blog for The Summer of Zombie blog tour. Here you can read an excerpt from Armand’s new book which, let me tell you, looks exciting.

SummerZombie Shirt FrontIn his long career as a monster hunter in the Old West, Mordecai Slate hunted down monsters of just about every stripe, including zombies. The Living Dead have always been one of the most challenging of prey. As we all know, it ain’t easy killing something that’s already dead. Which is one reason why they brought a pretty fair bounty back in the era that Slate lived in.

But it seems as many as you kill, more of them just keep popping up. There’s been evidence of that during this month-long Summer of Zombie 2014 Blog Tour. Judging from the number of books written about zombies, the supply of walking dead is seemingly endless. And that’s a good thing for fans of Z-lit.

10403409_10204114432081167_310592458127484597_nThe man behind the blog tour for the third straight year is writer/editor/publisher Armand Rosamilia. This year the tour is bigger than ever, and includes over 30 authors…

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Chris Tucker’s One Shot One Kill Teaser

Cover image for Chris Tucker's One Shot One Kill


Chris Tucker and a teaser for for his book ONE SHOT ONE KILL comes to Darkness Dwells for the Summer of Zombie Summer Tour 2014.  For today, I believe that it is also a freebie from Amazon.com. If you like what you read here, then please go on and get this great book. Why not? It’s free, and Volume 2 came out just this past April.

So, without further ado, I present to you the teaser for ONE SHOT ONE KILL: