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Need a Website?

Are you a writer in need of a website?

If you are, we should talk.

Websites for writers are not typically where new readers will find you, but it is where you will be able to keep all current readers in the know regarding new works coming via blogs and newsletters. It’s also a place where your readers can even get to know you a little bit. And this is how you can bring in new readers. As you interact with your readers, or at least keep them informed, they will tell their reader friends about you.

So it’s important to have a website. It’s also very important to have a professionally built website. There are many reasons for this. If you have an ugly website or one where your readers get lost and/or confused, you will lose that potential of building relationships and new readers.

Building websites isn’t easy, even if you use those nifty drag-and-drop services that are offered today. Web design is a profession, and if you want to maximize the usefulness of your website and reach the broadest possible audience with it, then you need a professional to do the work for you.

I am a professional and I can build you a beautiful site far cheaper than any agency. I can also offer to help you learn how to update your new website regularly with little trouble.


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