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Big Ass Spider

Cover for Big Ass Spider

Big Ass Spider

I read about the making of Big Ass Spider in Fangoria. I wish I could offer the issue number, but I cannot find the magazine here at home, and the Internet is useless when trying to find this type of information on Fangoria issues. I blame Fangoria, by the way, on the latter of that, and also my impatience.

Anyway, what I read about the movie made it sound as though it would be a fun romp through giant spider madness, calling upon old giant monster movies from the 1950s along with the wit of newer horror movies, such as Shaun of the Dead. Now, it has been some time since I read that article, so I ask that you please remember this if I get any of the facts within said article wrong (and if I am wrong, please let me know!) But trust me on this if nothing else. The movie was promised to be fun within that article.

And fun it was. But I am left to wonder if too much fun can hinder a movie, hold it back from its true potential.

I doubt it. I mean, it’s called Big Ass Spider, right? When a viewer comes to a title like this, there’s nothing they can expect but silly banter between characters and even worse special effects. The thing about this one, however, is that the special effects are not always that bad. There is a scene where the spider is jumping, leaping through a great space really, and it looks so real that the sun even reflects off its exoskeleton in exactly the way it should. Attention to detail like that can be invaluable, and for this movie, it works really well.

The acting never really strays from what it’s supposed to be. Our main character, Alex Mathis is, as you might expect, an exterminator. We follow him as he follows this spider that continues to grow and grow, despite gunshots and military offensive. To be honest, I’m not sure how bullets and tank fire couldn’t penetrate this spider’s armour, but hey, my belief is supposed to be suspended, right?

Big Ass Spider on top of a high highscraper

Big Ass Spider looks a little like King Kong here, no?

Anyway, we follow Mathis as he travels with his new sidekick Jose, a security guard from the hospital. The banter between Alex and Jose possibly make this movie as enjoyable as it is. The typical sub-plot of a dude in love with a girl totally out of his league but finds that she like him a lot too is way over done in horror, It’s become a cliche really (one that even I use in my own fiction), but here it gets a little annoying. I feel that this could have been fixed, and perhaps made more believable, simply with a little better writing, direction, and acting.

All said, though, Big Ass Spider is not a bad movie. I mean, yeah, it’s bad. But it’s meant to be bad. Never once does this movie forget exactly what it is. If anything, Big Ass Spider attempts to build upon the B Movie market and finally add some quality. Whether or not it succeeds I’m going to guess is really up to the viewer. Some people are going to come to this one and despite the obvious title they will do nothing but judge and hate the thing from the beginning. Others will come knowing that they’re in for something meant to be cheap and fun and find themselves having a great time. Then others yet, like me, will come to it knowing what it is and still find flaws within it.

But that’s the point of a B Movie. It is flawed. And it knows its flawed. Big Ass Spiders is certainly flawed, but I think that it’s fun enough to keep a serious fan of this genre going until its ending.

Just turn off that goddamn ticker of a brain that likes to pick apart things it has no right to pick apart.

And then, enjoy!

I give this one 3.5 Dweller Heads out of five. Rounded up to four because it’s that good!


A picture of Alex and Jose

Our Loveable Duo: Alex and Jose