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Orphans of Wonderland by Greg F. Gifune

Cover art for Orphans of WonderlandIt’s always great to sit down and read something new by Greg F. Gifune. Luckily for fans like me he’s fairly prolific. In regards to prolific writers, I always worry that they might sacrifice quality for quantity. It’s there. I’ve read it from other authors.

Greg Gifune, however, pumps out quality after quality. And Orphans of Wonderland is a great example.

The novel follows Joel Walker as he investigates the murder of an old childhood friend. While doing so he is taken down the same road he travelled twenty years ago while writing an investigative true crime book about a Satanic cult and the ritual killing they committed. The story starts off as a whodunnit with Joel interviewing people close to the case. As he does so, he is disturbed to find that people are following him, and the cops don’t want him around. At all.

Something isn’t right with his friend’s death, but Joel has to know what happened, not only for his friend, but for closure of the past that still haunts him.

After a few death threats and Joel continuing on with his investigation, the story goes from that Picture of Greg F. Gifunewhodunnit to classic weird and dark fiction. It’s a near 180 degree turn, but Gifune handles the change masterfully.

The result is a book that leaves you asking questions and leaving you wondering about the world we live in. It’s well worth your time, especially if you like secret societies, Satanic cults, and weirdness in your fiction.

Highly recommended!

Five Dweller Heads!



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