A Playground for Authors Jason White and Michael Schutz-Ryan

State of the Blog and Podcast

There’s some exciting new things coming in the future for both the blog and podcast. First, and perhaps most important, is that I’ve found a co-host to talk horror movies with on the Darkness Dwells Podcast. There will be an announcement about that soon.

Also, I plan on getting my butt back into action and writing more for the blog. I’ve been really sick with the flu (that goddamn bug that lasts weeks rather than days) and that has seriously slowed me down. I plan on fixing this as I’ve watched a lot of cool horror movies and have read some really awesome literature in the meantime.

I’m also working as fast as I can, though I could probably go faster, on the second book of my Surviving the Fittest trilogy I’m writing for Permuted press. The deadline is getting closer and closer. Scary close, actually. However, I’m really excited where this book is going. The story seems to be getting only darker and darker.

No hope, my friends.

But there is hope. This godawful winter seems to be getting colder and colder with no end in sight. But March and spring are right around the corner. Here’s to hoping for some warm weather soon, and a hell of a lot less snow.

So, foot on ass. A strong kick. Let’s pick ourselves up from slumber. Let’s get organized and let’s get going.


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