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EPISODE 16: Biting the Bit Vol. 04 – Dissecting The Babadook

Picture of The BabadookEPISODE 16: Biting the Bit Vol. 04 – Dissecting The Babadook.

Welcome to episode 16! This week your host Jason White explores insanity in horror fiction, both in movies and literature. What sparked off this topic was my viewing the movie The Babadook recently. The movie blew me away. One thing I loved about the movie is that it keeps you guessing as to whether or not what you’re watching is real or if the story’s protagonist is going insane. There’s evidence towards both sides, but I think that the movie is about insanity, and I explore why later in the episode. So, Warning, there will be spoilers.

I also discuss the interesting haunted house story archetype that often plays with this insanity/supernatural idea.

There’s a top 5 list of Is It Insane? Horror Stories.

And some cool tunes.

So, let’s get it on, shall we?

All songs available to buy from Amazon and iTunes:

-This House is Haunted by Alice Cooper

Waiting for the Darkness by Attika 7

You can reach the show online @:


Facebook: Reach me or Darkness Dwells group

Email: darknessdwells74@gmail.com

Voice mail: 206-600-4257


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