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Podcasts for Those … with Darker Tastes

I just came across a list of podcasts titled Podcasts to listen to now: from Serial’s true crime to Bullseye’s pop culture. Despite the terrible punctuation of this article, I had to shake my head. I hadn’t heard of any of these podcasts, but there’s no real surprise in that. My tastes in podcast lean always towards the darker side of things. On the same note, I do also listen to some Buddhist along with some news podcasts on occasion as well. Primarily, though, I listen to the ones that discuss horror movies and books. It’s like crack to me. I love it!

So! I thought I’d create a list of my own. In the Darkness Dwells Podcast I had a top five podcasts, I think, around episode one or two, but I didn’t do anything with it. Although keep in mind that this isn’t a top five or ten list, it’s more of an extended list from that long ago episode I recorded. Think of it as suggestions on what I find is the best out there, as I’ve listened to a lot of horror podcasts.

In no special order:

Dread Media

Logo for Dread Media

I’ve been listening to Dread Media for four or five years now. Desmond Reddick is the host and he often reviews movies both old and new. His friend Darryll joins him on occasion, among others, and it’s always a good time listening to them discuss movies. And whether or not they liked the movie, there’s always laughs to be had. I love the music Des plays, and the interviews he lands are always exciting.

Horror ETC

Logo for Horroretc

I’ve been listening to this podcast for about as long, if not longer, than I have Dread Media. Here we have Ted, Tony, and sometimes Doug. When these guys get together for the show, the laughs and fun are plentiful. What I also enjoy about this show is Ted’s ability to dissect a movie and, take it apart, then put it back together, leaving you with a better understanding of plot, character, camera angles, and even lighting. Tony is also a Canadian film maker and you should check out some of his titles, like Terror of Dracula.

Bloody Good Horror

Logo for Bloody Good Horror

There was a period, actually, when I stopped listening to podcasts. It lasted close to a year after I got laid off from the job I worked at for 12 years. Before then BHG was one of the great ones I used to always listen to faithfully every week. The guys hosting the show are funny and, hey, they also talk beer. What I like best about this show is their format. They start off with shooting the shit, then move on to the beer of the week. Then comes the main topic for the week, always a horror movie (either old or new), and then come around to finish the episode off with fan mail and funny tweets. After I got back on the podcasting wagon, for some reason I didn’t return to BGH until recently. I’m not sure why that is. But I’m glad that I’m finally back. This show is a ton of fun and I can’t recommend it enough.

Castle of Horror

Logo for Castle of Horror

I started listening to this one sometime after my return to podcast listening. One of the hosts was interviewed on another podcast, the name of it slips my memory, and so I thought I’d check it out. What you get is a roundtable discussion on a horror movie that centres around a theme they work on for a certain amount of time. Their current theme is haunted houses, for example, and they’ve explored four or five movies in this theme for four or five episodes. It’s a lot of fun to listen to them agree or disagree on plot elements and whatnot. Definitely worth your time.

Arm Cast Dead Sexy Horror Podcast

Logo for Arm Cast Dead Sexy Horror Podcast

Armand Rosamilia has been a busy guy lately. He is a full-time writer, a ghostwriter, and now has his own podcast. It’s relatively new with the latest episode breaking over the 21st episode. I love this show because Armand typically talks to other writers and it gives me a boost. It’s like talking shop with people who are farther in their careers than you, so you pick up little tricks of the trade. Highly recommended, and I hope to have Armand on my own show soon. We’ve both, mainly me, have been struggling with scheduling issues.


Logo for Hypnobobs

I’m relatively new to this show, but I can tell you that it’s a frolicking good time. The show has this feel of one of those horror movie hosts, but this guy, Mr. Jim Moon, talks about books, and you can almost picture him in one of those red and black robes sitting by the fireside, sipping scotch as he and his guests go on about books. It’s bloody good, and I found it by pure accident. I’m glad I did. Check it out!

The Clive Barker Podcast

Logo for Barkercast

Are you a big fan of Clive Barker? I am. I’ve read nearly everything the man has put out and pretty much loved it all. The man is a genius, in my humble opinion. But I’m not alone. These guys love Clive, too. And they do well in going through all his works and giving us tidbits. They also keep you up to date with Clive Barker news, which seems tiring to keep up with.


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