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Coming This Friday … Addendum

Hi, Dwellers! Armand Rosamilia got back to me today and I now know what my contribution to the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2014  will be. You can check it out here, at Darkness Dwells, this coming Friday. I hope that you’ll all, two of you, will come to check it out. It’s pretty exciting.

I’ve been busier than a freakin’ bee, lately. My son is sick with a nasty urinary tract infection. If you have kids, you know then how something like this can set you back for a long time. Which I don’t mind. What was hardest was watching the little guy suffer the way was with his spiking fevers. The good news is that during this time I somehow stumbled on a new show I want to check out.

That show is Penny Dreadful.Now, I have heard of this show in recent months, but it was one of those in one ear out the other sort of deals. Now that I’ve “discovered” it, it looks dark and very twisted. What draws me to it is the promise of old, classic horror literature the show will reference. I’ve got some catching up to do as season 1 is nearly complete already and I haven’t even watched the first episode yet.

First, I must catch up on some writing.


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