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Summer of Zombie 2014 Blog Tour, Guest post by Ian McCellan

I’m down with what’s said here. I was a big zombie fan before zombies became popular, so it’s very cool to have the sub genre blow up like it has. So check out this Summer of Zombie Blog Tour’s recent post by Ian McClellan. I agree with it so much it feels as though I wrote the piece.

Reviewing the Apocalypse

SummerZombie Shirt FrontFlying Zombies That Shoot Lasers

How do you like your zombies? Fast or slow? Intelligent or mindless? Flying or terrestrial-bound? Wait, do zombies fly? Well, I haven’t seen one fly yet, but I’m sure that it won’t be long. It seems like everyone is trying to come up with the next rung on the zombie evolutionary ladder. Don’t get me wrong, I love when something new is added to the genre, but I wasn’t complaining about zombies when all they did was shamble.

I’ve seen a lot of reviews lately that say things like, “not the same old zombie story,” or, “the zombies were different and interesting.” Personally, I love a good zombie book or movie, regardless of whether or not the zombies are capable of in-line dancing or curling. I don’t care what its 40 time is, a walking corpse that is trying to kill and eat living people…

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