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More Summer of Zombie Blog

The Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2014 is well underway and there have been some great posts so far. I reposted the first one because it was a lot of fun, and you can watch for Darkness Dwell’s guest for the tour coming June 13! I hope to see you all there, wearing reading glasses and hopefully drinking some fine malt scotch.

Here is a link to today’s entry, which I found uplifting to those of us who haven’t turned our backs on the undead. Stevie Kopas visited Richard Schiver’s blog, Nightmares Unleashed. Her article is ¬†Camaraderie of The Dead, and it’s a lot of fun to read.

And Don’t forget to come back June 13th to see who Armand has sent to visit Darkness Dwells!You click here and this will take you right to the SUMMER OF ZOMBIE 2014 BLOG TOUR LINKS so that you won't miss a single segment.



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