A Playground for Authors Jason White and Michael Schutz-Ryan

Going Through Changes

Today I worked on this thing and created all the pages I think that I want to include for Darkness Dwells. It pretty much encompasses everything that I am and everything I love to talk bout, which might be a sad thing. A sad thing indeed. Now, if you look to the upper right of the page you will see eight tabs for eight different topics. Here’s what they are and what they do:

  • Home – This is the home base. Any new post for any topic will appear here and also be archived within the topic heading of the drop down list of the main navigation.
  • About – This just tells new visitors what to expect while visiting.
  • Books will be my opinion pieces on books with some author profiles. These will be posted in Home and archived here.
  • Movies will work exactly like books, except the discussion will be on movies, and the profiles on directors and maybe actors.
  • Music – Opinion pieces and band profiles. Articles will be archived here like the others.
  • Podcast? – I don’t have a podcast, but would love one one day. I’m looking to meet someone whom I can discuss all these things with in order to start one.
  • Web Design – I will post certain projects here from school and work.
  • Writing – This will be an advice on writing column.

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